Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sea Breeze

Hello. Here is another entry in the blogs I am writing about the new Walking Eagle CD. This song is Sea Breeze. Here is the link so you can listen while you read:

Sea Breeze is a fusion of two pieces that are almost unrelated, except that they are in the same key. One is a pattern in 4/4 and the other is a pattern in 3/4. I'm not quite sure how we put them together, but the result is kind of cool, if not a little difficult to play. So, we're getting into a 4/4 groove, and the suddenly, we're in a waltz.

These two piece were written during the period, a couple of Christmases ago, when I was listening to a lot of Ralph Towner - even those they don't sound remotely like Ralph, they came out of a time when I was working a lot with the guitar and sitar.

I tried a number of flutes with this, but ultimately used the good, old fashioned, western silver flute... as that is the flute I can play the best.

Like most of the pieces, there was never a written melody to this piece.

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