Sunday, January 6, 2013


Everyone has probably heard of or thought of the idea that all is resonance. Resonant frequencies have a huge impact on us. Fear has a resonance, different kinds of love resonate differently, people have a feel about them. When people walk into a room, you can often feel the collective resonance of the people already there. When you listen to a piece of music, it can change your mood, because it changes your resonance.

But these are all our responses to other frequencies that are already out there.

Attunement is the art of choosing your resonant frequency.

Have you noticed how some people seem to change when they meet other people or other situations, while other people seem to make everyone else change to their mood? These people have a strong resonance, and people attune to them quickly.

We can all be that person, by developing confidence in our own resonant frequency, knowing how to get there and how to stay tuned into it.

I recently saw a Bruce Lipton talk where he compared the human body to a TV set. We are the receiver of the signals that are out there. Most of us seem to be channel-surfing quite a bit, where a very few people have picked their program (life's purpose) and are tuned into the right channel.

We can tell if we are not attuned to the right frequency through our emotional guidance. People who are feeling depressed, or burned-out or in a rut are probably feeling this way because they are trying to live on the channel that doesn't fit their vibration.

Sometimes change may involve getting help from a doctor, or acupuncturist, or other health care provider, especially if your negative emotions are severe, or if you have any thoughts of hurting yourself or anyone else.  It can help to change your diet: The Yogis believe that food affects our vibration, and that meats carry heavy vibrations, and especially the fear the animal felt while being slaughtered. Fish have a higher frequency, as they believe they experience less trauma when being caught. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts carry the highest, healthiest vibrations. They also believe that the closer the food is connected to the earth and the fresher it is, the higher the frequency it carries.

This corresponds to emotions as negative emotions seem to make us feel heavy and burdened, while higher emotions we most often describe as feeling light, or feeling high.

There are ways we can tune into our own frequency.

One is to start to tune into others' frequencies. While it is important to remember what Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken," it may be a good starting point to look at the people you admire and try to tune into their vibration or frequency. For instance think of and study Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. They have a similar frequency, since MLK was inspired by Gandhi, and he attuned to The Mahatma. People might like to attune to Jesus, or to Muhammad, or Krishna. Or maybe an angel or ascended master.

Think of the beings you would most like to be close to. Read about them, and meditate on them, and try to attune to their frequency.

As you do this, also work on preparing lists of the attributes you would like to most have in yourself, and trying to 'feel' the frequency of these attributes. Meditate on them, think about them, and feel, emotionally, what these things are like.

Chances are the people you would like to emulate probably share many of the attributes you aspire to, and so you will start to find an frequency where all these things come together. This is probably very close to the frequency you should strive to attune to.

As you start to feel this specific feeling of your resonance, or frequency, spend time being with it while you rest, meditate, or wherever you have time to have complete control over your emotions. Then start to remember this feeling, this vibration, when things are 'sucking you in' to thoughts, patterns and feelings you dislike. Like if you are in a situation at work, or with your family, and feel yourself slipping back into depression, or burn-out, take a few minutes, remember the feeling of your frequency, and 'tune in' - attune - to it.

After practicing this for a time, you will develop great confidence in your frequency. Your life's purpose will make more sense, and you will be the person everyone else attunes to when you come in.

I would like to end with a little parable:

A man named Akbar was given a very fine musical instrument with many strings. He immediately and enthusiastically started playing. After a very brief time, his wife noticed that he was striking only one string over and over.

After a few weeks of this, his wife was becoming annoyed at the repetitive sound, and went to her husband, saying "Akbar, why, when you have such a fine instrument with so many strings do you only play the one over and over?"

Akbar replied "Most people play their songs on many strings, because they are searching through all the notes to find the one that is their own. I have found mine."

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